The Health Benefits of Having a Water Heater at Home

Having a water heater may be a default feature in most homes, but not all homeowners realize how beneficial having readily available hot water is to health and wellness. The discomfort of having to use cold or even freezing water is unsettling especially during the early morning and late at night, what more is bathing or showering in chilly water?

Below are some of the many health benefits of having a water heater at home, and how homeowners could keep their water heaters well maintained.

Hot Shower or Bath for Better Sleep

Nothing helps more in relaxing a tired body and mind than a quick hot shower, or a long hot bath. Imagine soaking up all the tiredness and worries of the day through a hot shower. Those that take a bath or shower in the evening before bed sleeps better as hot water effectively calms the mind as well as the nerves. Make sure to dry the hair well and have at least 30 minutes rest before laying down.

Cleaner body and fewer allergic reactions

A hot shower effectively washes away the allergens and toxins that may have accumulated in the body throughout the day. Avoid the irritation, discomfort, and scratching at night by taking a quick hot shower before going to bed. Even germs and harmful viruses could be effectively washed away with a hot shower and the correct way of soaping up and rinsing.

Unlike cold water that does not open up pores, hot water opens up pores, effectively removing allergens and toxins that may have entered the body while the pores are open during active sweating. Hot water in effect deeply cleanses the body and allows for more through cleaning.

Hot showers and baths help relax stiff muscles

Showering or bathing in hot water can help relax muscles that have stiffened over time. The temperature in the hot water helps loosen those muscles and knots, relaxing the body and easing muscle tension issues. The hot water in the bath or the shower helps improve blood circulation all over the body, paving the way for better relaxation.

Cleaner, virus-free hands

Deadly viruses, like the COVID-19, can effectively get washed away using hot water and soap from the tap. Other viruses and bacteria can mostly be removed through effective handwashing techniques, and using hot water is more comfortable for everyone especially the elderly and younger children. And as handwashing is encouraged, even more, there is no discomfort in washing when there is hot water available in the house. This means that apart from viruses, the incidence of having gastrointestinal illnesses could also be reduced.

Careful maintenance of water heaters

Homeowners must see to it that their water heaters are well-maintained. Periodic flushing of tanked units is crucial in preventing corrosion and water heater tank degradation. At the same time, professional maintenance is necessary at least on an annual basis so that the water heater company could check if the heater is functioning well or remediation is needed. Proactive maintenance in effect prolongs the lifespan of the heater.